Our In-House Financing

Oak Tree Massage School offers financing to students who have a credit score of at least 700 or have a co-signor who does. Students will consult with a school representative to enroll in our TFC Loan Program. This must be in person, and involves submitting a completed credit application a budget with supporting documents, and undergoing a credit check prior to the meeting.

We offer a two-tier program which includes a small down payment, low payments while enrolled in our programs, a grace period after graduation, payments based on students' budgets, no prepayment penalties and competitive fixed interest rates. TFC reports to credit bureaus to help you rebuild your credit. Student loan amounts will not exceed $7525 or 24 months in length. Please note: this loan program is considered a private loan, and is not eligible for federal consolidation or participation in federal loan forgiveness programs. These are federal regulations that do not allow private loans to particiapte, not OTMS guidelines.

Loan servicing is provided by TFC Tuition Financing.

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