How Can I Pay for School?

Did You Know?

That the average college student at a four-year public institution spends $18,110 per year on school, and that the average student who borrowed for that education owes $30,100 at the end of 4 years? If you are a Wisconsin resident, you can attend this school for 8-9 months and only spend $7725 on your education. If you are a non-Wisconsin resident, you can attend individual intensive courses and take them as you can afford them.

Tuition is $7725 for the 600-hr Massage Therapist Program, and includes textbooks, massage supplies, a table/chair package, insurance fees, national testing fees, licensing other additional expenses. These are not included in other massage schools' tuition! Once you finish school, you will be licensed, insured, and have the basic equipment you need to start working.

Tuition for the non-Wisconsin resident intensive courses vary depending on the course taken and must be paid in full when enrolling online.

Payment Plans

• for the 600-hr Programs •

Choose our payment program, with no interest incurred, as long as your tuition is paid off by the end of the program. Or choose our in-house financing at competitive interest rates.

Arrange a Payment Plan
With a School Representative

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Other Options

Our school is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. You may check out other options, listed to the right

Other funding sources.

Apply for a
student loan through
Wells Fargo

apply for a loan thru

Apply for an
education grant
at the Soroptomist
(for Women)

apply for a grant from

Apply for an
education grant
(for Women)

apply for a grant from

Apply for scholarships
at FastWeb

apply for scholarships at